Claims Support and Service

A claim can occur at any time. When a claim does occur, Augusta Mutual wants to be responsive when coverage is applicable. A claim occurrence may be a devastating event so Augusta Mutual's experienced claim staff's objective is to help you, the insured, regain your normal everyday routine.

Reporting Claims

If you have a claim, please call your agent as soon as possible. Remember that no matter how large or small the loss, Augusta Mutual needs to know about your claim immediately. To file a claim it is recommended you:

  1. Contact your agent immediately.
  2. Provide the agent and / or the company with as many details as possible about the loss occurrence.
  3. If the claim occurs after business hours you may submit your claim information via the link below. You will still need to contact your agent the next day during normal business hours and provide the complete details so that the agent may document his or her file also.

Report a Claim

Claims Handling Tips

Our most important objective is to get you, the insured, back to your everyday routine as quickly as possible. This depends on timely, accurate reporting and good communications among all parties involved. Here are a couple of tips to help you assist us in getting you back to normalcy as quickly as practical:

  1. Give us more than one phone number where we can reach you. If you must vacate your home due to some type of disaster, be sure to provide alternate contact numbers.
  2. Take reasonable measures to mitigate (reduce) your loss.
  3. Conduct a thorough examination of your property or vehicle. Be sure to take notes and if possible photos of the damage. Share your information with your agent or claims examiner to assist them in quickly assessing the damage.

After-Hours Claims Emergencies

For reporting an urgent claim after normal office hours, please call: (877) 313-1327