Dwelling Policies

Is this your personal home or a rental home? In either case Augusta Mutual has the policy and policy coverages you may need. A dwelling policy protects you against loss to your dwelling and if you choose your personal belongings in the dwelling. Personal liability if chosen under the dwelling policy protects you if someone is injured on the property. A dwelling policy affords additional living or loss of rents should the dwelling become uninhabitable due to fire or another covered loss.

Depending on your needs, Augusta Mutual offers a variety of dwelling policies (DP-1, DP-2, or DP-3) and products to protect you whether you live in the dwelling or there is a tenant in the property. If you have more than one property Augusta Mutual is able to offer you one policy to simplify your record keeping.

Augusta Mutual dwelling policies offer discounts for those special precautions you have taken to make your dwelling safe and secure. Augusta Mutual believes you should be given recognition and premium savings of the improvements you have made in your dwelling.

Each Augusta Mutual dwelling policy can be endorsed to meet your needs whether it is replacement cost on contents, or water back up and sump overflow. Best of all each Augusta Mutual policy comes with an Independent Insurance Agent who can customize your coverage especially for you.

This is not an offer to contract. Policies contain limits, conditions, and exclusions not listed here. Please consult your agent for complete details and carefully read the application and your policy.