Special Risk Property Policies

The Special Risk Program is designed to attract those personal lines property risks that are or may be placed with other alternative property risk markets.

This program is designed to attract and meet the needs of current AMIC customers during transition phases of life and those long term customers of current AMIC agents who have shown a history of profitable business.

Target value of dwellings is $50,000 to $250,000.

Types of risks written are those properties that may be vacant or unoccupied due to the owner either having passed away or moved to another residence. The dwelling may be for sale or under renovation or the dwelling may have certain risk characteristics that make it ineligible for a homeowners policy.

Forms offered are DP-1 or DP-2.

This is not an offer to contract. Policies contain limits, conditions, and exclusions not listed here. Please consult your agent for complete details and carefully read the application and your policy.